Introducing the POINT Computer Industrial IoT Hardware Architecture



Geneva Industrial IOT

System on Module

The Geneva is a cellular System on Module designed for cellular based IoT product development. It's not just hardware, embedded in Geneva is over 800 successful IoT projects and 20 calendar years of cellular product development. When used to make our Point Computer, you can go from concept/prototype to low cost product on one single platform. We are building an eco-system to help do for IoT what IBM did for Personal Computing back in 1980.

  • Network Management

  • FOTA Agent

  • Crypto Chip Security

  • Position Management

  • Application Development

Dimensions (mm): 52 x 20

Operating System Choices:

ARM's mBed 




Core: ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4

  • Cellular Options 

    • CAT M1, NBIOT, 2G fallback with GPS

    • CAT M1, NBIOT with GPS

  • Up to 1 Mbyte of Flash memory

  • Clock, reset and supply management

  • Cryptochip security technology

  • Up to 15 communication interfaces

  • USB 2.0 full-speed device

  • Micro SIM or SIM IC

  • Timers : RTCC, LE Timer & Pulse Counter

  • 18 GPIO

  • FCC, IC. EC, carrier certified

  • 40 °C to +85 °C


The POINT Computer

  • 73 Wireless boards

  • 131 Sensor boards

  • 45 Interface boards

  • 62 Display and HMI boards

  • 21 Motor control boards

  • 44 Mixed signal and audio boards

  • 17 Power management boards

  • 20 Storage boards

  • 15 Misc boards


PC like concept of a motherboard with expansion slots for 400+ flavors of I/O and sensors powered by a wireless and pre-certified system on module (SOM) that has enough horsepower to run most IoT applications. You can use a number of scripting options for prototyping on top of a fault tolerant RTOS for production level headless stability.


License the SOM

License the manufacturing files of the System on Module for scalability and at the lowest Bill of Material cost. The design PCB holds the certification. Leverage your existing POC – prototype application board and software.




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